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Elk Antler Chews

Large Male Elk With Velvet Antlers

Safe & Healthy Antler Chews Chewing is a healthy activity, but it can become a problem if your dog chews on the wrong things—like your son’s new basketball shoes or your briefcase. Therefore, it is a good idea to direct your pet’s chewing activities to something that is not only okay to chew on but […]

Supplements for People

Young Woman Sitting Outside Tent On The Roof Of A Jeep

Elk Velvet Antler– A Natural Adaptogen Wapiti Labs is an industry-leading producer of natural supplements for pets that combine Elk Velvet Antler (EVA) with traditional herbs to produce optimal health results in canines and felines. Now, Wapiti is leading the way in EVA supplements for people! What is an Adaptogen? Adaptogens work to correct aspects […]

Supplements for Cats

Cat Relaxing On The Couch

Support Your Cat’s Health & Wellbeing At Wapiti Labs, we combine humanely harvested EVA with a proprietary blend of all-natural herbs. These herbs have long been used in Eastern Medicine to aid specific concerns cats may have, including issues with their joints, immune system, kidneys, liver, and recovery from illness, injury, or surgery. Our Award-Winning […]

Supplements for Dogs

Black Labrador Dog Running Across A Field, Retrieving Pheasant.,dog Training School

Enhance Your Dog’s Strength & Mobility Your dog is unique with different needs regarding health and quality of life. Therefore, we’ve created a range of Elk Antler supplements specifically tailored to offer support in other areas to honor these differences and specific needs. Senior Dogs For senior dogs, we have formulated supplements specially designed to […]