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Enhance Your Dog’s Strength & Mobility

Your dog is unique with different needs regarding health and quality of life. Therefore, we’ve created a range of Elk Antler supplements specifically tailored to offer support in other areas to honor these differences and specific needs.

Senior Dogs

For senior dogs, we have formulated supplements specially designed to support dogs in the second stage of life who may need help with energy, strength, endurance, and mobility–from maintaining optimal organ function to promoting joint flexibility.

Young Dogs

For younger dogs, we offer Elk Velvet Antler supplements with natural ingredients that support kidney and immune system health, as well as joint mobility and flexibility. Your young dog can benefit from supplementation as much as your older dog.


Our strength products give pets, young and old, an extra boost of vitality. For example, our Elk Velvet Antler Strength Supplement for Dogs is perfect for performance dogs that need support to maintain peak performance.  

Stomach or Respiratory Issues

We’ve developed supplements that support your dog’s delicate G.I. tract, which reduces stomach discomfort by harmonizing the stomach with our proprietary herbal blend. For breathing issues, our Chest Herbal Supplement supports respiratory function by clearing and expanding the chest, promoting easy breathing.

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