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Support Your Cat’s Health & Wellbeing

At Wapiti Labs, we combine humanely harvested EVA with a proprietary blend of all-natural herbs. These herbs have long been used in Eastern Medicine to aid specific concerns cats may have, including issues with their joints, immune system, kidneys, liver, and recovery from illness, injury, or surgery.

Our Award-Winning Supplement for Respiratory Function

In 2021, our Cat Chest Herbal Formula was selected as the winner of the “Cat Vitamin/Supplement Product of the Year” award!

With over 1,250 nominations for the 3rd annual Pet Innovation Awards, the competition was fierce. As a winner, we have joined the ranks of winners from other categories from across the United States. We are humbled to be on this impressive list of top companies and innovations in the pet care industry.

“I don’t write reviews very often, but I had to write about this product. I adopted a senior cat a few weeks ago and she came to me with a runny nose and fever. She would sneeze huge nasty sneezes and her eyes and nose were always stuffed with mucus. After 5 days of this stuff, she was COMPLETELY cleared up!! I gave her one dropper full every night and the results are amazing!” – Katy

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