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Chewing is a healthy activity, but it can become a problem if your dog chews on the wrong things—like your son’s new basketball shoes or your briefcase. Therefore, it is a good idea to direct your pet’s chewing activities to something that is not only okay to chew on but healthy to chew on!

Why Do Puppies Chew?

Puppies chew to relieve the pain of incoming teeth. They continue to chew on things to keep their jaws strong and teeth clean as they get older. Chewing is also a natural way of combating boredom and even relieving mild anxiety or frustration. It is similar to the way some people chew their fingernails.

If chewing is one of your dog’s favorite activities, then she needs an introduction to our Elk Antler Chews for Dogs. 

Chew Types for Every Dog

Do you have the kind of dog who loves to chew on anything? And, if your dog is like our dogs, her preferences are particular. Does she like a split chew or a whole chew? Or maybe she refuses anything but the toughest toy or chew.

Wapiti Labs offers a wide variety of humanely harvested Elk Antler Chews that are not only okay to chew on but healthy too!

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