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Muscle and Strength Supplement for Dogs

There are a lot of reasons you might wonder what you can feed your dog to gain muscle. There are also many options on the market claiming to help your dog bulk up and gain muscle or strength. 
Just like in the market for human supplements, there are as many potentially bad options as there are good ones. So, it’s important to do some research and talk to your vet before making any significant changes in your dog’s lifestyle.

Which Dogs Need Strength or Muscle Builders?

Some dogs push themselves to the extreme and could benefit from an extra boost. There are working dogs who haul people or sleds, herding dogs who climb and traverse rugged terrain, and dogs who accompany their owners on hunting trips – to name a few. 

And then there are pets who are recovering from injury or experiencing the effects of aging. These dogs need supplemental assistance to help put the spring back in their step and curb the impairments that would otherwise impact their overall performance and everyday flourishing.

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle for Your Dog

Before you start giving your dog a supplement or changing how or what you feed them, think about how you can maintain your dog’s health over the long term. A strong, healthy dog will receive a well-balanced diet, doesn’t eat too many treats or table scraps, gets appropriate exercise and mental stimulation. 

Make sure to feed your dog a high-quality food formulated to match the life stage, size, and perhaps breed of your dog. While it’s true that pet food can end up costing a lot, it’s probably wise not to buy the cheapest option you can find. It’s worth spending a little bit more than the minimum to guarantee your dog is getting a high-quality mix of real ingredients and minimal fillers.

Check the label for things like whole proteins: chicken, turkey or salmon. You should be able to identify the ingredients, just like in your food. Puppies need puppy food because they have different nutritional requirements at that stage of life.
Be sure to provide a lot of opportunities for exercise and exploration with your dog. Many active breeds need a lot of exercise to stay healthy and happy and keep up their muscle tone and strength. Go for walks, play fetch or frisbee and don’t forget to allow your dog to spend time sniffing around for intellectual stimulation as well. 

Strength Building for Dogs

What can you feed your dog to gain muscle? Essentially, you are looking for high-quality protein that is appropriate for a dog’s digestive system. Many dogs like eggs. As long as the eggs are prepared without butter, oil, or seasoning, they can be scrambled, boiled or poached. 

Dogs can also eat plain, cooked, lean meat like unseasoned chicken or turkey. Dogs should not eat bacon or ham or other cured meat because the salt content is too high. Quinoa is one of the only grains that contains valuable amino acids that can aid in muscle building.

In general, dogs should be fed quality, commercially prepared dog food. These foods are designed to meet their complex nutritional needs. You can find a variety of high-protein dog foods aimed at muscle and strength building.

Strength Supplements Made With Natural Ingredients

There are good reasons to add supplements to your dog’s diet. If your pup needs recovery support or is overworked, Strength Supplement for Dogs from Wapiti Labs with Elk Velvet Antler will keep your pup in peak condition.

Older dogs might lose some stamina and agility as time goes on or if they stop participating in their previous vigorous activities; dogs entering their senior years might benefit from a supplement aimed at strength. 

And, of course, owners of hard-working dogs might occasionally wish to give their dog a supplement to help with stamina and recovery on a hunting trip or keep a working dog functioning at a high level. 

Elk Velvet Antler

Wapiti Labs Strength supplement for dogs contains natural ingredients, including Elk Velvet Antler (EVA), which is harvested from a herd of elk living the good life in the pollution-free prairie in Minnesota. The velvet is harvested humanely and under the supervision of a veterinarian. 
EVA has been used for centuries in Eastern Medicine for its wide range of benefits. At Wapiti Labs, we blend our EVA with herbs and natural ingredients to promote warmth and support health and vitality.

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