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Keeping Your Active Dog in Peak Conditions

Whether your dog is a hunter, your running companion, or an agility champion, keeping them in top shape is vital to their health, continued performance, and happiness. We all want our dogs to keep up with us through the years, so that’s why we’ve dedicated years to perfecting our Mobility, Recuperate, and Strength supplements for dogs.
In their prime, dogs can perform amazing feats of dexterity and strength, but just like with humans, if you don’t condition and nourish those strengths they can diminish over time. For active dogs, this is even more important. If you have an active working dog, then managing the soreness and discomfort associated with their favorite activities is probably high on your list of things to do. From Airedales to Welsh Springer Spaniels, any of today’s most active dog breeds can benefit from added muscle and flexibility support in their life.
At Wapiti Labs, we pride ourselves in supporting the health and happiness of canines of all ages and breeds through science-based supplementation. With industry-leading Elk Velvet Antler (EVA) supplements, we deliver support to working dogs while assisting strength, vitality, mobility, flexibility, and longevity. Our supplements make for the perfect addition to any active dog’s busy lifestyle.
We understand how tough it can be to keep your pup in peak condition. From nightly runs and weekend hunting trips to weekly competitions, both you and your pup have busy lifestyles. That’s why we created our supplements to be administered once a day for optimal performance. Simply add our natural blend of Elk Velvet Antler (EVA) and traditional herbs supplements into your pet’s daily routine and watch as your pet enjoys the benefits.


The Wapiti Mobility supplement has been crafted to support joint flexibility and mobility for dogs in the first stage of life (meaning not seniors). Our supplements work to foster optimal physical health in pets no matter how intense their training, performance, or hunting regimes are. Whether you’re just starting to experiment in a sport or are a veteran, the Mobility supplements can work for your furry companion. Outside of performance, our Mobility supplements are ideal for dogs who have high energy levels but are often slowed down by hip or joint problems after heavy activity.
Not only will your dog benefit from our Mobility supplements after exercise, but they will also benefit from added protection against cold, damp weather, making these supplements ideal for dogs who live in four season location. Wapiti Mobility supplements work by supporting your dog’s liver and immune system, resulting in a much need boost.
Your dog will benefit from the following while taking Wapiti Mobility supplements:

  • Connective tissue support
  • Joint support
  • Joint mobility
  • Immune system
  • Stamina and endurance support
  • Kidney support


Our Strength supplement has been designed to support healthy cartilage and joint function so that active dogs can stay active without wear and tear. In creating our Strength supplement, we used a unique blend of EVA and natural herbs, including Rehmannia Root, Morinda Root, Cinnamon Bark, Lycium Fruit, Eucommia Bark, and more. These ingredients work together to relieve feelings of discomfort and soreness after serious bouts of exercise, be it mushing, hunting, or running. This combination allows for dogs to recover faster if they end up pushing themselves too far.
We all know that a good performance isn’t only physical, it’s mental as well. That’s why the Strength Wapiti formula fosters optimal physical and mental performance in your dog. Call out commands as fast as you want; your pup will be able to keep pace with anything you dish out.
The Strength supplement’s mental benefits combined with the formula’s natural kidney and liver support make for an amazing combination that has owners beyond pleased. With all of the above listed benefits it’s no wonder why so many dog lovers are turning to Wapiti to ensure that their high-performance companion lives a long healthy, happy life.  
Benefits of the Wapiti Strength supplements include:

  • Cartilage and joint function support
  • Invigorated circulation and blood flow
  • Support for recovery after strenuous activity
  • Supports normal function and health of the kidneys and liver
  • Supports normal physical and mental performance


Last but not least in our active dog trifecta, the Wapiti Recuperate supplement. No matter how hard you may try, it’s inevitable that at some point your pup is going to either push himself too far or fall prey to an accident while hunting, running, or performing any other activity. Leg and foot injuries abound when working with dogs, so we’ve created a formula to support the natural healing process, your dog’s normal inflammation response, and his normal recovery time.
Our Recuperate liquid supplement is a traditional Eastern Medicine herbal formula that includes targeted ingredients such as Pseudoginseng Root, “Dragon Blood” Resin, Dong Quai Root, Carthamus Flower, and Myrrh Resin, as well as others. Due to its ability to move the blood around, dogs should not use this formula for three days to two weeks after any type of surgery.
The benefits of the Recuperate Supplement include:

  • Discomfort and tissue damage management
  • Support for your dog’s natural healing process and recovery time
  • Invigorates and moves the blood to support the body’s normal inflammation response
  • Helping to maintain a normal disposition
  • Dispersion of blood stagnation

Keep Your Active Dog Going Longer With Wapiti

At Wapiti, we’ve made it our mission to create wholesome supplements and chews for our furry family members. What started as a “retired” 320-acre dairy farm has become the elk farm of our dreams. Our natural pet supplements have become endorsed, recommended, and distributed by some of the leading veterinarians practicing both Eastern and Western herbal medicine. All of our products are sustainably made, and all of our elk enjoy a pollutant-free, natural setting, and benefit from an annual low-stress antler collection process conducted under the direction of our herd veterinarian.
We recommend consulting with your veterinarian before implementing a new supplement, diet, or exercise plan to your dog’s life. If you have any further questions about how Wapiti joint supplements can benefit your active pup, feel free to call or send us a message. We’d be more than happy to help you find the perfect supplement solution for your active canine. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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