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Helping a Cat After Declaw Surgery

Helping your cat to recover after surgery can be hard. Cats are naturally rambunctious pets, meaning that helping them to recover after any type of surgery can be tricky, especially after declawing surgery. Aftercare is one of the most important things that you can do for your cat in relation to their surgery; good aftercare can help pets to recover faster and feel better sooner.
Helping a cat recover after surgery isn’t only about their physical health. You’ll need to attend their emotional needs as well. At Wapiti Labs, we’ve worked for years to create natural pet supplements that support pets through every phase of life, including recuperating after surgery. With multiple formulas to help your cat recover, you can find the purrfect supplement to help your cat recover after surgery with Wapiti.

The Wapiti Recuperate Supplement

The Wapiti Recuperate Supplement has been formulated to help cats with occasional inflammation, soreness, recovery support and recuperate, as the name implies. By using natural, pet-friendly ingredients, we’ve been able to craft a formula that has the ability to manage discomfort and tissue damage, disperse blood stagnation, help cats to maintain their normal disposition, and support natural healing and recovery time. We achieve these results by utilizing the same methods that have been guiding traditional Eastern Medicine for thousands of years. Some of the powerful ingredients used in the Recuperate formula include the following:

  • Pseudoginseng Root
  • “Dragon Blood” Resin
  • Dong Quai Root
  • Carthamus Flower
  • Myrrh Resin
  • Olibanum Resin
  • Dipsacus Root
  • Drynaria Root
  • Albizzia Bark

The Recuperate Supplement is most commonly used for cats that have gone through declawing surgery, been spayed or neutered, or are suffering from occasional inflammation. Bear in mind that the Wapiti Recuperate Supplement is only meant to be given to cats three days to two weeks after their surgery. It should not be administered right after their operation. As always, talk with your veterinarian before adding the Wapiti Recuperate Supplement, or any other supplement, into your cat’s daily life.

The Wapiti GI Tract Supplement

A cat’s stomach can be a very sensitive thing. Since each cat reacts differently to anesthesia, you could find yourself with a post-op cat whose stomach is very upset. It’s not uncommon for cats to suffer GI issues following surgery or the use of anesthesia. Such GI issues can include feeling nauseous or suffering from a loss of appetite, but maintaining a healthy weight and diet post-op is essential to your cat’s well-being. So how can you naturally help your cat’s GI tract without forcing your cat to do something it doesn’t want to? The answer is the Wapiti GI Tract Supplement.
With our GI Tract Supplement, we’ve combined various natural herbal ingredients to create a supplement that can promote optimal digestion and bowel health while harmonizing your cat’s stomach. By soothing and protecting your cat’s GI tract, the GI Tract Supplement can help to keep your cat’s stomach calm during travel, and while in recovery—making the trip home from the hospital and the following days a bit easier for your cat. If you cat is struggling with an upset stomach, or loss of appetite following its surgery, you may want to consider adding the Wapiti GI Tract Supplement into its daily routine. Just be sure to consult with your veterinarian first.

The Wapiti Vital Supplement

The last of our three post-op supplements, the Wapiti Vital Supplement, can be just what your cat needs after its declawing surgery. After surgery, a cat’s immune system can easily become compromised, leading to infections or illness. But one way to give your cat’s immune system a boost post-op is to use the Wapiti Vital Supplement. The potent, natural ingredients used in the Vital Supplement will help keep your cat healthy as it recovers. Some of those ingredients include the following:

  • MN Elk Velvet Antler Extract
  • Lycium Fruit
  • Cynomorii Rhizome
  • Morinda Root
  • Achyranthes Root
  • Asparagus Root
  • Astragalus Root, Barley Sprout (Untreated)
  • Ginseng Root

Using our patented blend of elk velvet antler extract and traditional herbs and plants, we’ve been able to create a supplement that can support and maintain your cat’s joint flexibility, mobility, liver, kidney, and overall health post-op. With the additional immune system support it offers, your cat will get a much-need boost to help with its healing post-op with the Wapiti Vital Supplement.

Keep Your Cat Healthy Post-Op With Wapiti

No matter the type of surgery your cat is recovering from, Wapiti offers many natural health supplements that can help your furry family member to feel better faster. If you or your veterinarian have any questions about any of the natural cat supplements listed here, or about any of our other pet supplements, don’t hesitate to give us a call. It’s our mission to help your pets live their best life possible. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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