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Four Amazing Cat Supplements to Try Right Now

Cats are a lot more like humans than we give them credit for. They can be playful or sassy, silly or comforting, and their unique personalities make them a huge part of your loving family. Because they’re such an indispensable part of your life, you’d do anything to keep them happy and healthy. At Wapiti, we understand how important your pets are to your family, and that’s why we’ve made it our mission to create natural supplements to help keep them healthy and happy. Just like people, cats get under the weather and sometimes need an extra boost to keep them being their sassy or silly selves.

Why Use a Cat Supplement?

Supplements are a great option for both preventative measures and pain or stress relief. Cat nutrition is as complex as human nutrition, and not all cat foods will give your cat the adequate nutrients they need to be as happy and healthy as possible. Elk velvet antler supplements are a wonderful way to support your cat’s joints, recovery, organ function, or overall health. Whether you have current health concerns about your family pet or you want to ward off any future problems, supplements could make for a welcomed addition to you cat’s daily routine.

Why Use a Wapiti Cat Supplement?

Made from all natural ingredients, we use nature’s gifts to help support your cat’s health. You won’t find any processed products or unnatural ingredients in our supplements, and you can feel confident in your choice knowing you’re doing your best to keep your cat healthy and happy. We dedicated years of research to crafting the idea supplements to assist your cat with everything from allergies, or recovery efforts, to digestion issues.

Revitalize Supplement

If you’ve noticed your cat has been acting a bit differently lately, our Revitalize supplement might be just what you need to get your pet feeling like they’re back in their prime! Revitalize is a great supplement for a cat that’s getting a bit older, or one that’s been feeling under the weather due to age. This supplement helps support long-term wellness and works to restore health as well. Revitalize can also be utilized to support your cat’s joint health. If you’ve noticed your kitty hasn’t been as playful recently, if he’s just had an operation, or is getting over an illness, Revitalize is the perfect way to show him you care and get him feeling happy and healthy again!

Strength Supplement

One of the most entertaining features of a cat’s personality is his penance for exploration. While this adventurous streak may lead to them getting into some rather odd places, or lead to them becoming the next viral cat video, it’s still one of our favorite parts about our pets. Sometimes, however, cats will lose this adventurous spirit we love so much. If this is the case for your furry explorer, the Wapiti Strength Supplement may be just what you need. We all need a bit of help recovering our strength sometimes and cats are no exception to this. Whether your cat is slowing down or seems uncharacteristically weak, the Strength supplement can reinvigorate your cat by aiding in recovery, supporting overall organ health as well as liver and kidney function, and even promote healthy cartilage and joint movement.

G.I. Tract Supplement

Because cats are such great explorers, they tend to stumble upon undesirable finds. And when a cat finds something knew there’s only one thing to do in their mind; task a taste. While this habit may not be quite as common in cats as it is in dogs—who will eat just about anything that’s not tied down—it’s still a common scenario in a lot of households. Ever walked into a room to find your cat has left a small puddle for you clean up? Our G.I. Tract supplement is a perfect solution for stomach upset problems.

Chest Supplement

Just like people, cats get allergies too! If you’ve ever suffered from allergies you know exactly how miserable they can be. Imagine how much worse they are for a cat that can’t do anything about it! Whether your kitty is an indoor or an outdoor pet, they are just as likely to suffer from seasonal allergies or even catch a cold on occasion as you are. If you’ve noticed your cat has been acting a little out of sorts, or if you catch him wheezing on occasion, he might be suffering from allergies. Our Chest supplement helps clear your cat’s respiratory system when they’re most vulnerable to allergies by expanding the chest and warming the lungs making it easier for your kitty to breath.

Keep Your Cat Healthy and Happy with Wapiti

If you’ve noticed your cat has any other health issues we didn’t mention in this post you can browse the rest of our selection of cat supplements here to see if there’s anything your cat could benefit from. Wapiti believes in the healing power of nature and uses elk velvet antler supplements to support the health of everyone in your family including your pets!

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