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Got Questions About EVA? We’ve Got Answers.

Here are answers to commonly asked questions about Wapiti Labs’ natural supplements. If you don’t find the answer to your question below, feel free to give us a call at 888-214-1242.


Yes, our supplements are made in the USA. We are a family-owned Minnesota-based company. We even have our own Elk Ranch in Sturgeon Lake, MN.

Most customers report seeing a difference in their pets within 7-10 days.

Wapiti Labs makes people supplements too. These are specifically formulated for people.

You can unless it is a tincture. Tinctures have grain alcohol in them which cats can not have. The serving size for a cat on other products is about half of the dog serving size. In addition, we offer specially formulated supplements for cats.

They offer the same benefits in two different forms. It depends on which will work best for your dog. The pills can be easier to give your pet because you can feed them like a treat. If your dog has teeth issues a powder will be easier for them to take.

Yes! They work great together, especially the mobility and strength. This is an excellent combo for working dogs, agility dogs, and hunting dogs.

A dropper is an amount that goes into the dropper when squeezed. It doesn’t mean the entire amount that the whole dropper holds. It fills about halfway.

We use only the flower petals, NOT the stem, leaves, or the center from wildflowers. We use a minute amount for natural antibiotic and antiviral functions. Also, it clears heat, which Elk Velvet Antler is a hot protein, so it balances that and helps eliminate toxins.

We recommend consulting with your veterinarian. Feel free to contact us with any specific questions.

This can sometimes happen with our natural products because we do not add any preservatives. We find that it most frequently occurs in the summertime with high humidity. We recommend leaving the silica packet in the product to absorb any excess moisture. Some customers purchase the 15g bottles or the tablets because they go through it faster and don’t have the clumping issue.

It depends on the size of your dog. Use your best judgment depending on how strong of a chewer your dog is.