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Dog Joint Health Supplements

There’s no doubt that pet owners are dedicated to their animal companions and only want the best for them. When your dog experiences health challenges or discomfort, you want to help. One of the most common concerns throughout a dog’s life is joint health, with causes ranging from old age to developmental issues that certain breeds may be prone to. Pet owners often wonder what they can give their dogs for joint health and which supplements are the best. 
Dogs experience common health challenges in all their joints, but hips seem to garner the most complaints, and people rightly wonder what are the best hip supplements for dogs. There are a number of causes behind these challenges and there are different ways to manage joint health in dogs, including good quality supplements. You should always begin by talking to your vet to rule out any serious health problems and collaborate on a treatment plan. 

Keeping Your Pet Healthy

Joint health is no different from overall health in that living a healthy lifestyle will help prevent and ease joint concerns. Feed your dog the right kind of food based on their size, breed, activity level, and life stage. Quality food may cost a little more, but you want to make sure you’re feeding your dog a good quality protein-based food that contains whole natural ingredients. If you can’t pronounce the ingredients, you might want to keep looking.
Make sure your dog gets appropriate exercise. Some dogs need a lot of exercise, and others need a lot of naps, so talk to your vet if you’re not sure. Providing a healthy diet and the right amount of exercise will help your dog maintain a healthy weight, which will go a long way toward promoting joint health.

Symptoms and Causes of Joint Problems in Dogs

Dogs are very good at hiding pain and discomfort, which may require that you use some detective skills to uncover deteriorating vitality and the onset of health issues. If you notice your pup is reluctant to climb stairs or onto the couch, that’s something to note. If your pet has reduced interest in going on walks or playing, exhibits signs of stiffness or favoring of one leg when walking, he may be experiencing joint pain.
There are a variety of causes of joint pain in dogs. Certain breeds are more prone to experiencing hip dysplasia, for example, no matter their overall health or fitness. A breeder should be able to talk to you about the propensity of a certain breed to osteoarthritis or developmental joint problems. 
Many dogs will simply develop joint issues as they age, just like their human companions. Larger breeds and heavier dogs are more likely to experience wear and tear on joints leading to joint pain. In addition, very active dogs who train for marathons with their owners might experience joint pain as they age as well. 

Managing Joint Health in Your Dog

A regular relationship with your veterinarian is key to managing your dog’s overall health, including joint health. Depending on the severity of the impairment, your dog may receive treatments ranging from physical therapy to medication to surgery. 
However, many dogs are able to jump up once again and find their happy place on the foot of the bed without intensive interventions. Getting your dog’s weight down is essential if that’s a factor, and joint health supplements can also be a part of the puzzle. What is the best joint health supplement for dogs? There are a few things to consider when deciding what to give your dog for joint health.

Holistic Supplements

One of the more common supplements that pet owners give to their dogs to address joint health is glucosamine. Many adults take it too, for the same reason. Glucosamine is one of the building blocks of cartilage, and it’s thought that supplementing it might ease joint discomfort. When searching for supplements, including glucosamine, beware of a long ingredient list containing fillers, artificial colors, sugar, or a small amount of active ingredients per dose. 
Anti-inflammatories are another common ingredient in dog joint supplements. Fatty acids like fish oil and supplement ingredients such as turmeric have found their way to the pet supplement market as well. 
Supplements containing natural ingredients are a good idea overall because artificial fillers don’t benefit your dog. Elk velvet antler has been used in Eastern Holistic Formulas for thousands of years and should be considered as part of your dog’s overall health. 

Elk Antler Products from Wapiti

At Wapiti Labs, we harvest natural elk velvet from elk that live a stress-free life roaming more than 300 acres at a ranch in Minnesota. Our Mobility Supplement for dogs contains only natural ingredients, including, first and foremost, elk velvet antler. Mobility Supplement promotes overall joint health, and mobility supports connective tissue health. 
Happy customers report pets who show improved mobility in dogs young and old. Learn more about EVA supplements for your dog and determine if Wapiti Labs’ Mobility Supplement might be right for your canine companion.

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