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Supplements for Dogs

We know your dog is a unique creature with different health needs. So, we’ve created a range of Elk Antler supplements for your dog’s various needs.

Trial Packs

Gift Baskets & Trial Packs

Our Elk Velvet Supplement Trial Packs provide a no-commitment way to try science-based, all-natural supplementation for your pets’ issues of mobility, flexibility, stamina, and strength.


Supplements for Cats

Whether your cat is a Burmese, Siamese, or tabby, it is a unique creature. Our Elk Antler supplements are made to meet your cat’s individual needs.

Elk Antler Chews

Elk Antler Chews

Offered in whole or split options. Elk Antlers chews that are split down the middle provide easy access to the the center–for dogs who are new to Elk Antler Chews.


Supplements for People

Elk Velvet Antler isn’t only for pets. People also benefit from this natural adaptogen. We have supplements to aid bone, joint, and muscle health, energy, circulation, and more!


Veterinarians & Wholesalers

The benefits of Elk Velvet Antler are why our products are endorsed, recommended, and distributed by veterinarians practicing both Eastern and Western medicine across the nation.