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Choose the Right Supplement for the Right Problem

As a pet owner, it’s imperative that you choose the correct supplements to heal and support your animal when it experiences health problems. Unfortunately, it can be incredibly easy to lose yourself in the innumerable product advertisements and recommendations that flood pet care websites and forums. Which of these formulas will quickly and effectively help your favorite animal with its adverse condition? And which of them use natural ingredients to prevent harmful side effects? Here at Wapiti Labs, we’re committed to providing you with all of the knowledge and advice you need to properly care for your cat or dog regardless of its age or condition. Today we’ll be discussing the best way to determine which supplements to give your sick or unwell pet to ensure a swift and seamless recovery.

Assess Your Pet’s Condition

First and foremost, we need to assess the severity of your pet’s symptoms. Supplements are a fantastic option for supporting minor health problems like fatigue, sore joints, or weakness, but more serious conditions often require additional treatment and medical care. Write down all of the troubling symptoms that your cat or dog exhibits and report them to your veterinarian during their next monthly checkup. These experts have extensive experience with companion animal care, making them ideal sources of counsel and guidance when you have questions about caring for your pet. After a thorough examination, your vet will tell you exactly what your animal is suffering from and may offer a few helpful suggestions on treatment options.
If your pet is in significant pain or struggling to breathe, then we recommend that you arrange a visit to a local veterinary clinic as soon as possible. Symptoms like these are very serious and necessitate immediate treatment. Otherwise, feel free to make use of trusted online resources to learn more about your pet’s symptoms while you wait for more information from the vet. Bear in mind that you should never give your pet any form of medication or supplement (regardless of its symptoms) before receiving express approval from your veterinarian. These products may be dangerous or contain ingredients that your animal is allergic to.

Develop a Supplement Regimen With Your Vet

Once your local animal doctor diagnoses your pet’s condition, it’s time to pin down an optimized supplement regimen. The best way to begin this process is by asking your vet for recommendations. They may know of a few safe and reliable products that use high-quality ingredients. Wapiti Labs offers a wide variety of supplements for cats, dogs, and humans alike. We utilize a range of potent natural ingredients to create formulas that foster strength, vitality, mobility, longevity, and flexibility in pets and their owners. We even provide special mobility supplements for senior dogs and cats to support kidney health, joint mobility, and normal blood cell health as they progress into the later stages of life. Do some research online and explore your options for a while. From there, you can take your list of potential options to your veterinarian to see what they think. It may take a few days of careful deliberation, but you and your vet will eventually lock down an ideal supplement regimen for your ailing pet.

Administering Supplements to Dogs and Cats

It can be very challenging to convince your cat or dog to ingest anything that doesn’t taste good, particularly when they aren’t feeling well. That’s why you should always ask your vet for advice on administering the supplements that you pick up. Luckily, many solid products can be hidden inside of food to make them more appealing. If your vet approves this method, you can plant your pet’s pills inside of its favorite treats. Always shoot for warm foods that exude strong smells to maximize your pet’s appetite. Small pieces of chicken, beef, or turkey are almost irresistible to most hungry cats and dogs. If none of those options work, just keep experimenting with different snacks until you find one that sticks. And if all else fails, contact your vet for additional help.
Administering pet supplements is slightly more difficult if the ones you’ve chosen must be given on an empty stomach. You’ll have to gently pry your animal’s jaws open and place the pill, capsule or liquid near the back of its mouth. Depending on the tolerance and temperament of your pet, you may need to watch out for light nipping or biting as well. Take this process very slowly, and do everything in your power to make your pet as comfortable as possible. Cornered or threatened animals can and will retaliate if pushed far enough. Here are detailed guides on this procedure for cats and dogs. Feel free to reference them or call up your veterinarian if you run into issues.
Note: If you are bitten by your pet, then clean the wound thoroughly (canine and feline mouths are rife with harmful bacteria) and seek immediate medical attention.

Support the Long-Term Health of Your Pet With Wapiti Labs

If you have any questions about pet supplements or the well-being of your pet, then don’t hesitate to call or message us today. We’re more than happy to address your concerns and help you with fostering energy, health, and happiness in your companion animal.

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