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5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Well This Winter

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Are you shaking in your boots just thinking of going outside in this cold weather? Imagine how your dog must feel when she sticks her nose outdoors! Frigid temperatures and damp or icy conditions can be dangerous for pets and present quite a challenge when it comes to keeping your canine companion in tip-top shape. […]

How to Keep Your Dog’s Joints Healthy in the Winter

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What’s your favorite activity to do with your dog? Hiking? Hunting? A game of fetch? Those fun times require a wide range of movements from your furry friend like running, digging, and jumping. For all of that to go smoothly, your canine’s joints need to work correctly. Supporting dog joint health is essential in pups […]

Can Dogs Get a Cold?

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As winter rolls around and temperatures drop, you might notice a number of your friends, family, and coworkers coming down with colds. You’ve probably come down with your fair share yourself! But have you ever wondered about your canine companion? Do dogs come down with a cold the same way people do? We’ve got answers. […]

Ginseng: Your Dog’s Ticket to Optimal Health

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Plants and herbs are the foundation of today’s modern medicine. Cultures around the globe have been using ingredients that they’ve found in nature to relieve their common ailments since the beginning of time. When it was discovered how well these plants could benefit humans, the conclusion was eventually made that the same plants that were […]

What to Do If Your Pet Eats Holiday Candy

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The holidays are a time for celebration, but they can also bring a large amount of potentially dangerous foods into your home. Sugary Halloween treats and wintry holiday chocolates could pose a threat to your pet that you may not see coming. Even if your dog or cat is well-trained, some things may prove too […]

6 Winter Holiday Dangers That Could Hurt Your Pet

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Whether you’re rushing off to a massive family gathering or hosting a few friends at home, the holidays are a busy time. You might find yourself forgetting unimportant details like dusting the top of the fridge or picking up more eggs at the store, and that’s okay. But one thing you should always stay on […]

Preventing Leg and Foot Injuries in Dogs

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You’ve probably enjoyed watching your dog run after a ball, dig a hole in the dirt, or roll around on his back. Beyond that, dogs can accomplish some incredible feats of athleticism, like snatching a frisbee out of the air, leaping off a dock, or retrieving a hunted bird. In spite of all this, your […]

Why Won’t My Dog Climb Stairs? (And How to Help)

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Is your pup the bounciest, most playful furball in the world—until you approach a flight of stairs? Or have you noticed your older dog suddenly become reluctant to climb up or down them, even though you’ve seen him bound up the flights countless times over the years? What’s the reason for this change, and how […]

6 Ways to Support Your Puppy’s Health

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So you’ve brought home a bundle of joy–your very own puppy! Like a baby, a puppy is going to depend on you for food, shelter, love, and a whole host of other needs. It’s up to you to provide everything your canine companion needs to live a happy, healthy life. Puppy care is hard work, […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Muscle Health in Dogs

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Taking care of a dog is a huge responsibility, whether you’re raising him from a puppy or welcoming a senior dog into your home. You’re responsible for feeding him, making sure he gets enough exercise, and maintaining his overall quality of life. That’s a tall order, and there are a lot of different things to […]

Thyroid Function: The Key to Your Cat’s Health

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The thyroid gland is a much-talked-about mystery for many cat owners. You probably know that it plays a role in the weight of your cat, and that vets will check it for irregularities when your feline suddenly gains or loses weight. But where is the thyroid gland located? What does it actually regulate? What is […]

Boosting Energy Levels with Elk Velvet Antler

Wolf Creek Elk Ranch

You may have heard about the benefits of elk velvet antler, also referred to as “EVA.” But what exactly is it? How is it produced? Who can it help, and is it humane? It can be difficult to sift factual information from a sea of online confusion, so we’re here to demystify EVA. At Wapiti […]