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4 Natural Remedies for Low Energy & Endurance

Energy and endurance are essential for everyone, from young to old. You need strength and stamina to get through your daily or work activities without getting fatigued or exhausted. But if you think energy drinks aren’t the healthiest of options (you’re right – they aren’t), or are tired of reaching for the coffee pot every […]

Which Supplements Will Help Me Build Muscle?

Getting fit happens at the gym, there’s no doubt about it. But without a little extra kick in the rear end, maintaining that fitness level can be an around-the-clock task. With supplements, building muscle has never been more of an efficient process. What Are Muscle Building Supplements? Muscle is created by an increase in the […]

Loosen up Sore Joints with a Natural Solution

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Sore joints are debilitating and will have your entire body aching in pain. When cartilage in your joints starts to fade, bone rubs against bones, which causes osteoarthritis. This painful degeneration causes pain and stiffness, especially in trouble areas such as the knees, hips, elbows and fingers. If you’re ready to take control of your […]

The Best Vitamins for your Dog’s Health


Within the last few years, the use of vitamins within the pet community has risen drastically. It makes sense as feeding your dog vitamins promotes healthier musculoskeletal, immune, digestive systems, and more. A well-balanced diet that includes vitamins may help your pet stay happy and healthy. Let’s take a look at the most common vitamins […]

The National Animal Supplement Council (NASC)


What Is the NASC? Wapiti Labs isn’t just dedicated to providing the highest quality elk velvet antler, but we’re dedicated to providing the best overall animal supplements to all animals. We believe that our supplements are the best for your animal through all stages of life and so does the National Animal Supplement Council. Stamped […]

Dog Nutrition for Senior Pets

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Dog Nutrition for Senior Pets Dogs are living to a much older age than they did 30 years ago. There are many key factors contributing to this including making better choices for our pets and veterinary care, but one of the most important factors is better nutrition. When a beloved pet ages their dietary needs change […]

The Safety and Effectiveness of Herbal Supplements for Pets


There is a reason they call a dog man’s best friend: they are incredibly loyal, caring animals who are always there for you whether you need them or not. And as any good owner knows, their dog is more than a daily chore—they are a member of your family who you should care for as […]

History of Elk Antler Velvet

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The medicine with 2000 years of history When it comes to organic health supplements, elk antler velvet is, by no means, a new player on the scene.  Its use dates back thousands of years and can be traced back to many different countries and cultures.  It’s only up until more recently that its health benefits […]

What does Elk Velvet Antler Contain?

  With all the natural remedies out there for a variety of health conditions, it can be overwhelming to select and decide on a treatment or supplement that is best for you.  Natural supplements, in lieu of prescription medications, have grown in popularity and it seems everyone is looking for relief with a lower risk […]