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4 Most Important Labrador Health Issues to Be Aware Of

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Whether you’re a young adult or thoroughly enjoying the grey-haired glory that comes with getting older, we’re all experiencing the process of aging. Eventually, getting out of bed or touching our toes may become a bit harder. Managing the health issues that come with aging is never easy. But for our four-legged friends with a […]

How to Calm a Dog That Is Afraid of Fireworks

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It’s summer, which means plenty of time spent outdoors with family, friends, and—of course—your dog! But patriotic holidays, festivals, and other events also guarantee fireworks, and that could mean a bad night for your furry friend. Although not all dogs are frightened of fireworks, more pets go missing around the Fourth of July than at […]

5 Safe and Fun Activities for Senior Dogs

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If you have a senior dog, you know that they have quite a lot of love left to give. But while they’re still puppies at heart, these aging canines may not be able to romp around and play quite as roughly as they did during their younger years. That’s okay—slowing down is a natural result […]

How to Quickly Get Your Dog in Shape

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Is your dog losing strength or endurance? Maybe your vet noticed that your pup is overweight, or maybe you’ve adopted a new friend who isn’t in such good shape. Regardless, your duty as a pet parent is to ensure your furry friend’s health and happiness. This can feel like a huge amount of responsibility, but […]

How to Support Your Dog’s Mobility & Strength

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What’s your favorite thing to do with your pup? A game of fetch? A nice long walk? Chances are high that it involves movement, even if it’s just jumping up onto the couch to nap together. Playing tug-of-war, running, swimming—it all requires your dog to be happily active. Your canine’s ability to move directly impacts […]

Using Nature’s Power to Support Your Pup

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Health and happiness go hand in hand for people, and the same can be said for pets. But dogs and cats can’t communicate how they feel directly. Instead, it’s up to pet owners to keep an eye on their furry friends’ behaviors in order to support their general well-being. While monitoring your pet’s behavior is […]

4 Daily Habits for a Healthier Canine

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Think about all of the time and effort you put into keeping yourself healthy: eating well, getting regular exercise, seeking mental stimulation, and more. Dogs need all of that, too! Caring for any pet requires more than just the odd trip to the vet—it requires daily work from you to help your furry friend stay […]

Addressing Breathing Problems in Dogs

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Your dog’s respiratory system is pretty amazing. On top of the expected job of delivering oxygen to cells and removing carbon dioxide, it also helps to regulate body temperature! But with so many components and roles comes a range of potential breathing and respiratory issues—and it can be quite scary for us in the moment […]

5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Well This Winter

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Are you shaking in your boots just thinking of going outside in this cold weather? Imagine how your dog must feel when she sticks her nose outdoors! Frigid temperatures and damp or icy conditions can be dangerous for pets and present quite a challenge when it comes to keeping your canine companion in tip-top shape. […]

How to Keep Your Dog’s Joints Healthy in the Winter

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What’s your favorite activity to do with your dog? Hiking? Hunting? A game of fetch? Those fun times require a wide range of movements from your furry friend like running, digging, and jumping. For all of that to go smoothly, your canine’s joints need to work correctly. Supporting dog joint health is essential in pups […]

Can Dogs Get a Cold?

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As winter rolls around and temperatures drop, you might notice a number of your friends, family, and coworkers coming down with colds. You’ve probably come down with your fair share yourself! But have you ever wondered about your canine companion? Do dogs come down with a cold the same way people do? We’ve got answers. […]

Ginseng: Your Dog’s Ticket to Optimal Health

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Plants and herbs are the foundation of today’s modern medicine. Cultures around the globe have been using ingredients that they’ve found in nature to relieve their common ailments since the beginning of time. When it was discovered how well these plants could benefit humans, the conclusion was eventually made that the same plants that were […]