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4 Telltale Signs of an Unhappy Cat

4 Telltale Signs Of An Unhappy Cat

Why Is My Cat Unhappy? Is there anything better than being greeted by a soft “meow!” when you walk in the door from work? At Wapiti Labs, we’re passionate about supporting your pet’s health so you can have as many of those happy moments with her as possible. With proper care and plenty of love […]

7 Myths You Should Know About Adopting an Older Cat

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So, you want to bring a new cat into your home! Whether it’s your first kitty or you’ve been a cat owner for years, consider visiting your local animal shelter or rescue and helping out one of the millions of cats that end up in shelters every year. Once you get there, take a minute […]

5 Ways to Keep Your Cat Healthy All Winter Long

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Winters can be long, cold, and miserable, so we’re especially grateful for our furry friends who keep us company when we’re stuck indoors! After all, is there any better feeling than curling up on the couch with your cat by your side? Unfortunately, it’s not all fun and games (or fun and relaxing) at this […]

What to Do If Your Pet Eats Holiday Candy

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The holidays are a time for celebration, but they can also bring a large amount of potentially dangerous foods into your home. Sugary Halloween treats and wintry holiday chocolates could pose a threat to your pet that you may not see coming. Even if your dog or cat is well-trained, some things may prove too […]

6 Winter Holiday Dangers That Could Hurt Your Pet

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Whether you’re rushing off to a massive family gathering or hosting a few friends at home, the holidays are a busy time. You might find yourself forgetting unimportant details like dusting the top of the fridge or picking up more eggs at the store, and that’s okay. But one thing you should always stay on […]

5 Thanksgiving Dangers to Look Out For

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Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate family, friends, and food. Your cat or dog is all but guaranteed to want to join in on the fun, bouncing around the kitchen and begging for scraps as the turkey gets prepared. But be careful what you let your pet sample; plenty of foods that are fine for […]

Thyroid Function: The Key to Your Cat’s Health

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The thyroid gland is a much-talked-about mystery for many cat owners. You probably know that it plays a role in the weight of your cat, and that vets will check it for irregularities when your feline suddenly gains or loses weight. But where is the thyroid gland located? What does it actually regulate? What is […]

The Importance of Your Cat’s Eyesight

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Have you ever looked deep into your kitty’s eyes just to appreciate their color? Have you watched your outside cat expertly stalk a mouse or hop over your fence? Are you amazed at the way your cats focus on their cat toy as you dangle it above their heads? That’s all possible thanks to a […]

5 Ways to Help Your Cat Transition Into Old Age

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The oldest known cat lived to age 38. That’s ancient in “cat years!” While your feline may not quite make it to that age, the average indoor kitty can be expected to live from 12 to 15 years. That’s still quite a bit of time that you have to enjoy with your furry companion. A […]

Why Do Cats Eat Grass?

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There are many theories on the subject of feline affection for grass, but almost all of them center on the idea of digestion. Cats are carnivores, so their stomachs lack the proper enzymes to digest plant matter. And that means that when they eat the grass they so adore, they almost always throw it up […]

Helping Your Feline with Spring Allergies

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Spring has sprung, and with it comes flowers, warmer weather, and those pesky spring allergies. While you may have already broken out the antihistamines, did you know that your cat may be suffering as much as you are? That’s right; some pets, like cats, can suffer from seasonal allergies just like humans. Allergies occur when […]

Everything You Need to Know About Cat Mobility


We all want our cats to be mobile and enjoy life for as long as possible, and sometimes they need a little help with that. As cats age, they tend to slow down due to natural wear and tear or illness. One of the first signs of aging in a cat is lessened mobility. There […]