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3 Canine Supplements You Need to Know About

When walking through the aisles at your local pet store, you’ll be greeted by rows and rows of pet supplements; ranging from dog hip supplements to natural dog joint supplements. How is one supposed to choose which supplements are right for their pet? At Wapiti, we make pet supplements that are created to support your pet through every phase of its life. From its earliest childhood days to his golden years, our supplements can work to support your pet’s health. Here are three canine supplements that you need to know about.

The Wapiti Mobility Supplement

If you’re looking for natural dog joint supplements, then you should check out our Mobility Supplement. This powerful agent has been crafted to support joint flexibility and mobility for dogs in the first stage of life. This supplement would be ideal for large and small breed dogs who lead active lifestyles or who are prone to hereditary joint issues. The Mobility Supplement works to foster optimal physical health in pets regardless of their training, performance, or hunting regimes–making this supplement ideal for budding show dogs and hunting dogs alike. But your pup can still reap the benefits of the Mobility Supplement even if it doesn’t compete or hunt. The Mobility Supplement works just as well for dogs who have high energy levels but are often slowed down by hip or joint problems after heavy activity.
And outside of gaining support while exercising, your dog can enjoy some wonderful additional benefits of the Mobility Supplement, such as added protection against cold and damp weather.  Your pup will also enjoy immune and liver support while taking the Wapiti Mobility Supplement. But that’s not where the benefits end! Here are just a few of the additional benefits your pup can look forward to from the Mobility Supplement.

  • Connective tissue support
  • Joint support
  • Joint mobility
  • Immune system regulation
  • Stamina and endurance support
  • Kidney support

The Wapiti Strength Supplement

Now that movement has been accounted for, it’s time to cover strength. A strong dog is a healthy dog, and our Strength Supplement has been designed to support healthy cartilage and joint function so that active dogs can stay active without wear and tear. So give your pup the boost it needs with our Mobility Supplement and then follow it up with the support of our Strength Supplement. To create our Strength Supplement we added together a unique blend of EVA and natural herbs, including Rehmannia Root, Morinda Root, Cinnamon Bark, Lycium Fruit, and Eucommia Bark. When combined, these ingredients may help your pet by relieving feelings of discomfort and soreness after serious bouts of exercise.
But any veterinary expert will tell you that a good performance is achieved through both a healthy body and a healthy mind. This is why our Strength formula fosters optimal physical performance in dogs. With this added support, you’ll be able to call out commands as fast as you want and your dog will be able to keep up physically and mentally. Here are just a few of the benefits your dog may enjoy while taking the Wapiti Strength Supplement:

  • Cartilage and joint function support
  • Invigorated circulation and blood flow
  • Support for recovery after strenuous activity
  • Supports normal function and health of the kidneys and liver
  • Supports normal physical performance

The Wapiti Recuperate Supplement

So you’ve got your pet up and running with both the Strength and Mobility Supplements, now it’s time to assess your pet’s recuperation needs. Whether they take a stumble in training or they push a little too hard during a competition, there are many ways that a pet could find himself in need of some support when it comes to recuperating. Leg and foot injuries are very common when working with dogs, so we created a supplement to support the natural healing process.
Some of the powerful ingredients in our Recuperate formula include Pseudoginseng Root, “Dragon Blood” Resin, Dong Quai Root, Carthamus Flower, and Myrrh Resin. These powerful agents are essential in traditional Eastern herbal medicine and can greatly help support recovery after injury. But just a reminder, the Recuperate should not be given to your pup until three days to two weeks after any type of surgery. Here are just a few benefits of the Recuperate formula when it comes to whiling your dog heal:

  • Discomfort and tissue damage management
  • Support for your dog’s natural healing process and recovery time
  • Invigorates and moves the blood to support the body’s normal inflammatory response
  • Helping to maintain a normal disposition
  • Dispersion of blood stagnation

Adding Supplements to Your Dog’s Life

At Wapiti, we strive to make wholesome supplements and chews that can help support pets through every phase of their life. Our natural pet supplements are endorsed, recommended, and distributed by some of the leading veterinarians practicing both Eastern and Western herbal medicine. So if you’re considering adding supplements to your pet’s routine, feel free to give our experts a call. They’ll be more than happy to walk you through the ins and outs of canine supplements.

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